Textilco was established in 1990 in Switzerland. Its overarching purpose was to meet the growing demand of Polish factories for modern machinery, spare parts and technical articles for textile industry.

The company rapid expansion and analyses of the rapidly growing market resulted in the idea of organising professional customisation and sales of conveyor belts and flat driving belts. And so in February of 1993 Textilco was established as a Polish company. The desire to guarantee the highest product quality already in 1994 made us equip our service team with machines for customising conveyor belts with the maximum cutting and welding width of up to 3100 mm. This put Textilco in the first place in Poland as the best equipped company in the line of conveyor belts and flat drive belts.

In order to increase our production capacity, in 2004 we put into operation our modern centre of operations. After another 4 years we expanded our technical facilities.

In 28 years of our business operations we have become a reliable and recognised partner for many customers representing all industries.


Keep the customer satisfied

Good customer relations are our top priority and we strive to achieve this by offering quality products and professional approach.

We do our best to be flexible and open to challenges - we approach each project individually.

We are aware of the changes taking place in the world around us and we know that we must constantly learn and improve - we seek new solutions and innovative products that meet the growing expectations of our customers.

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