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Logistics means transporting goods from place A to place B - whether they are parcels transported on belts whose length reaches many kilometres, or letters that are moved at a speed of 4 meters per second.

Textilco delivers not only products, but innovative solutions for logistics as well. Our goal is to provide reliable support at every stage of the project: from planning and installation through supervision over the proper functioning of the application. Textilco guarantees reliability in all applications, e.g. loading, unloading, transporting and sorting. Excellent properties of our materials and high-quality joints make every operation run smoothly.


Mail sorting
Roller drive


Transmission belts ensure constant and proper document transmission, eliminating skews, blockages and sorting errors. Antistatic properties and a special coating texture minimise settlement and transfer of dust. With their delicate coatings stacking belts do not mark or damage parcels.


  • Driving belts
  • Machine belts
  • Elastic belts
  • Custom solutions


  • Collecting
  • Stacking
  • Transferring
  • other


Logistics and automated production are an inevitable future. Optimising production processes to accommodate increased efficiency are top development priorities. One manifestation of optimisation is the roller conveyor. A basic solution in logistics and distribution centres and more and more common in other industries. Roller transport guarantees collision-free, easy movement of goods. In a roller conveyor power can be transmitted by: gravity, chain, V-belt, toothed belt, round belt or flat driving belt. Flat driving belts can be used in various areas of application with separate operations, such as acceleration, change of direction or accumulation with full or low pressure or no pressure.

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