driving belts

Our selection of products includes a full range of quality driving belts - flat, toothed, V-shaped or ribbed belts. We also make special belts with additional coating, carriers or perforations. The proposed solutions will ensure good performance in every industry, whether used for power transmission or for transporting products during the production process.


flat belts
timing belts
special belts

flat belts

Flat driving belts have multiple industrial applications, from power transmission to sorting mail. We supply classic belts with polyamide (nylon) core, as well as modern solutions with internal thermoplastic insert. Depending on the construction of the belt and the coatings applied, we obtain a wide range of products that will meet your requirements.


  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high/low grip
  • resistance to oil, dust and moisture
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • great flexibility
  • chemical resistance
  • resistance to high loads
  • stain resistant coating
  • non-marking
  • antistatic
  • can work in both directions
  • wear resistant coating
  • work in a twist
  • high energy efficiency
  • excellent dimensional stability
  • long service life


  • twisting
  • texturing
  • paper processing
  • printing
  • box folding and gluing
  • mail sorting
  • roller drive
  • textile industry
  • spinning
  • power transmission
  • any and all drives
  • energy production
  • BOBST folder-gluer
  • rotogravure folding system
  • tube winding
  • transmission belts
  • textile machinery
  • grinders
  • wood industry machines


  • endless/ sleeve
  • spliced / welded
  • polyamide
  • rubber
  • leather
  • elastomer
  • termoweldable
  • with polyester core
  • polyurethane
  • with PES core
  • spindle belts
  • knitting belts
  • stacking belts
  • tangential belts
  • transmission belts


  • perforations
  • coatings


The V-belts we supply come in handy in almost every industry. Classic belts are made of a rubber core, polyester strand, rubber coating over the strand, and a textile coating.
High performance wedge belts are made of a polychloroprene core, a wrapped polyester strand, and belt superstructure.


  • resistance to oils
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • resistance to dust
  • ensure even load distribution
  • high speed operation
  • lower noise level
  • operation on small diameter wheels possible
  • flexibility
  • resistance to eleongation


  • power transmission
  • variable speed drives
  • separating (serpentine) drives
  • high speed drives
  • variator gears (stepless)
  • agricultural machinery


  • classic Z, A, B, C, D, E
  • narrow v-belts SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC
  • cogged ZX, AX, BX, CX, SPZX, SPAX, SPBX, SPCX
  • variable speed belts
  • double sided v-belts
  • link v-belts
  • banded


  • coatings

timing belts

Timing belts are standard solutions for all types of synchronous transport, positioning and power transmission. Different pitch diameters, tooth shapes, different dimensions, coating materials and types of reinforcement enable their use in various applications. Special mechanical and chemical properties are conducive to high machine performance and high precision. Our product range includes polyurethane and rubber toothed belts.


  • efast acceleration without slipping
  • resistance to fats, acids, ozone, chemicals, contaminants
  • noise level reduction
  • flexibility
  • durability
  • antistatic
  • long service life
  • low maintenance costs
  • high performance
  • high precision


  • luggage transport (airports)
  • woodworking machines
  • small hydropower plants
  • belt conveyor drives
  • roller conveyor drives
  • grinder drives
  • ventilator drives
  • generator drives
  • synchronous transport


  • polyurethane
  • rubber
  • metric
  • inch
  • sleeve (endless)
  • linear
  • T2,5
  • T5, AT5, ATK5
  • T10, AT10, ATK10
  • T20, AT20
  • HTD5M
  • HTD8M
  • HTD14M
  • L
  • H
  • DL
  • XL
  • MXL
  • XH
  • DH
  • DXL
  • doubled sided
  • with steel cord
  • with aramid (Kevlar) cord
  • with fiberglass cord


  • cleats
  • coatings

termoweldable belts

We deal in a wide range of round and V-belts made of  thermoplastic polyurethane and  polyester. The V-belts and round belts we supply are applied in almost every branch of industry. They are used both to drive machines and transport products, also in food industry. A wide range of belts with various parameters enables customers to select the right product to satisfy their needs.


  • exellent weldability
  • different hardness values (85ShA, 90ShA, 100ShA, 55ShD)
  • kevlar reinforcement
  • high resistance to oils, fats and greases
  • food contact approvals - FDA and EU
  • high tensile strength
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • high friction factor
  • low-noise operation
  • resistance to hydrolysis
  • easy to clean
  • types detectable by metal detector available
  • DIY welding possible
  • can be installed at the customer's site without having to dismantle the machine


  • roller drives
  • transport of cans and bottles
  • meat cutting machines
  • transport of fruit trays
  • packing machines
  • chips production
  • tile production
  • corn production
  • separation tables in bakeries
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • wood industry
  • ceramics industry


  • polyurethane
  • polyester
  • round - dia. 2 - 20 mm
  • V-shaped - Z, A, B, C, 8x5, 25x16
  • smooth
  • rough
  • unreinforced
  • reinforced
  • with connector hole
  • cogged
  • banded (multi v-belts)
  • double sided v-shaped
  • with coatings
  • with overlays


  • cleats
  • guide rails

engineered belts

Not infrequently standard belts do not perform well in specific production processes and that is why we offer a wide range of special belts designed for specific applications.

The base of the belt may be

  • flat driving belt
  • rubber timing belt
  • polyurethane timing belt
  • PVC or PU conveyor belt

the top side can be

  • covered with different types of coatings (natural and synthetic rubber, Linatex, Corex, rubber and polyurethane sponges of varying hardness (foaming), polyurethanes, PVC, polyesters, textiles, felt, textured coatings
  • it is possible to mill both coatings (longitudinal grooves, transverse grooves, bean-shaped holes) and belt teeth
  • equipped with carriers that may have very complicated shapes, most often carriers are made of plastic
  • perforated - any size and configurations


  • lesser slip
  • greater friction
  • better product adhesion
  • shock absorption


  • cable manufacturing
  • electronics industry
  • wood industry
  • tobacco industry
  • food industry
  • metal industry
  • cardboard production
  • papermaking industry
  • labelling machines
  • belts for sausage production
  • belts for packing machines
  • negative pressure conveyor belts


  • coatings
  • cleats
  • perforations

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