modular belts and plastic chains

Our latest product portfolio includes modular belts and plate link chains from Modutech. Being the official representative of Modutech we can deliver modular belts from our warehouse in Łódź, which guarantees short delivery timelines.

Modular belts are built of modules connected with pins. All belt components are made of quality plastics, the most common materials being PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene) or POM (acetal). Of course, other specialised materials with special properties are available, too. The modular design ensures easy assembly or quick replacement of damaged elements.

We supply a full range of accessories for modular belts: sprokets, carriers, side walls and slides.


straight modular belts
curved modular belts
plate link chains

straight modular belts

Modular belts are used in numerous industries and processes. The modular belts we supply have EU and FDA food contact certificates and can be used for direct contact with food.


  • one-way
  • bi-directional
  • pitch: 0,315; 0,5; 1, 2 inch
  • high durability
  • easy to clean (HACCP)
  • compliance with EU and FDA approvals
  • temperature resistance -70 / 210°C
  • easy assembly and repair - only replace damaged moduls
  • various materials: polypropylene (PP); polyethylene (PE), acetal (POM) other materials on request
  • pins from a variety of plastics and steel available


  • food industry - in washing, drying, cooking, freezing, packing, sorting and general transport processes
  • cardboard industry
  • bakery industry
  • automotive industry - car assembly lines, manufacture of tires, batteries
  • palletizers
  • washers
  • labelling machines
  • filling devices
  • accumulating tables
  • pasteurizers
  • blanchers
  • coolers
  • freezing tunnels
  • elevators
  • fruit and vegetable processing lines
  • partition lines

MP80 serie

  • 0,315 inch - MP80 Serie (Micro Pitch)
     * MP80 C
     * MP80 FG
     * MP80 NS
     * MP80 NP   download datasheet

127 Series

  • 0,5 inch
    - EC127, MD127, HC127, SM127 Serie
     * EC127 C 
     * EC127 FG
     * EC127 GT
     * MD127 GAP%50 
     * HC127 C
     * SM
    127 C
     * SM127 FG
     * SM127 C
    RV  download datasheet

254 Series

  • 1 inch - XP254, EC254, MD254 Series

     * XP254 CR
     * XP254 FLT CR
     * XP254 C
     * XP254 PR%22
     * XP254 FG    download datasheet

     * EC254 C
     * EC254 PR%16
     * EC254 NT    download datasheet

     * MD254 FG
     * MD254 C
     * MD254 GT
     * MD254 RR
     * MD254 GAP%48 download datasheet

508 Series

  • 2 inch - EC508, MD508, HP508 Series

     * EC508 C
     * EC508 PR%22
     * EC508 FG
     * EC508 FG-NT
     * EC508 PR%11
     * EC508 PR%13
     * EC508 DT
     * EC508 NT    download datasheet

     * MD508 C
     * MD508 FG
     * MD508 PR%25 download datasheet

     * HP508 RR
     * HP508 C
     * HP508 FG   download datasheet


  • carriers
  • rubber covers
  • sidewalls
  • guide rails (guide and support sections)

curved modular belt

Our line of products also includes curved modular belts that allow you to use one belt both on both straight sections of the conveyor and on curves. Perfect for spiral conveyors.


  • high durability
  • easy to clean (HACPP)
  • compliance with EU and FDA approvals
  • easy assembly and repair - only replace damaged modules
  • straight, curved, inclined transport - with only one belt
  • various materials: polypropylene (PP), acetal (POM)
  • enable vertical air flow - spiral conveyors
  • curve radius: 2,1 - 2,4; 1,4 - 1,6


  • bread industry
  • meat industry
  • fruit and vegetable industry
  • automotive industry
  • packaging processes
  • spiral conveyors




  • carries
  • rubber covers
  • sidewalls
  • guide rails (guide and support sections)


Our product range also includes high-quality plate chains made of plastics and steel. With their simple design, durability and reliability they are perfect for very demanding working conditions, ensuring high efficiency of production lines. Chain conveyors are one of the basic elements of internal transport in food, bottling, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Modular design, available straight-running and curved variants help build effective and customised technological lines.


  • simple design
  • strength
  • reliable performance
  • solid structure ensuring transport stability
  • low noise level
  • easy to clean
  • resistance to damage
  • temperature stability
  • resistance to corrosion
  • the option of replacing individual damaged modules - which reduces costs and downtime long service life


  • food industry
  • bottling industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • cosmetics industry
  • transport of cardboard packaging
  • transport of glass and PET packaging
  • transport of cans
  • automotive industry


  • single hinge chain
  • double hinge chain
  • chain for transporting boxes
  • MD 820
  • MD 821
  • MD 600
  • MD 880-879
  • MD 880-879 TAB
  • MD 1701 - Multiflex
  • Flexi chain


  • guides
  • slides

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