Textile industry

We supply a wide range of products designed for textile industry, starting from drum claddings, through driving belts, conveyor belts and polyester and metal mesh belts.

Our products are used in the production of nonwovens and hygiene products, as well as in the production of yarns and in dyeing industry.

Conveyor belts


  • yarn production
  • production of nonwovens and hygiene products
  • textile printing
  • screen printing


  • high operational speed
  • solvent resistance
  • resistance to oils, fats, chemicals
  • very good durability
  • dimensional stability
  • efficiency

Driving belts


  • yarn production
  • tangential drives
  • weaving machines
  • cutting machines
  • packing


  • resistance to high temperatures
  • resistance to oil
  • strength - abrasion resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • reliability

Gauze belts


  • nonwovens production
  • fibreglass nonwovens processing
  • Airlaid production
  • Spunlaid (Spunbond) production


  • polyester, polyester with bronze fibres, steel and bronze
  • anti-static - ATEX, class 3
  • compact design
  • low fibre penetration
  • air flow adjusted to the client's needs
  • good discharge properties
  • reliable deposition
  • non-staining fastener
  • DEBONDO coating to avoid sticking of latex impregnated products
  • high lateral stability


  • Conducto
  • Conductive
  • Trackmatic

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