Standard smooth conveyor belts will not always suit a given application. Sometimes the intended use of the conveyor belt entails applying various types of accessories.
On one occasion it is the selection of a suitable texture that will enable, for example, inclined transport or shock absorption. In other cases, however, to meet the requirements of the application, we equip our belts with carriers, sidewalls, guiding profiles, perforations or additional coating (overlays).


guides, profiles
roller coverings


The coating (top side) of the conveyor belt can have a variety of textures designed for a variety of applications. Below are the most popular textures


We provide a service of fusing carriers of up to 1200 mm in length, including reinforced carriers. Carriers are joined with the conveyor belt by means of high frequency waves, which allows for a much stronger joint. Another option is electrode fusion.


  • materials: PVC, polyurethane, polyester
  • available in many colours: white, green, blue, ivory
  • various shapes: straight "T", oblique "L", broken "HWK"
  • height from 20 to 120 mm


  • straight
  • angled
  • T-cleat
  • footless,
  • pillow cleats
  • textile reinforced
  • pin carriers


The belts we supply can be fitted with sidewalls which prevent small or loose products from sliding off the conveyor belt.


  • material: PVC, Polyurethane, Polyester
  • available in many colours: white, green, blue, ivory
  • height from 12 to 85 mm


  • footless - directly fused into the coating of the belt, which ensures a more durable, stronger bond 
  • with base  
  • textile reinforced 
  • solid

guides, profiles

Conveyor belts can also be equipped with guide ropes on the bottom side, or such a profile can be fused laterally or longitudinally on the top side.


  • material: pvc, polyurethane, polyester, polyolefin
  • available in many colours: white, green, blue, ivory
  • notched
  • solid


  • trapezoidal
  • rectangular
  • triangular
  • round
  • flat, with special profile e.g. A52, A11
  • fabric reinforced


The process of manufacturing conveyor belts, and in particular the process of cutting them to the desired size, causes that the edges of the belt are "open", unprotected from the environment. Seal-Tex is the solution that protects belt edges. Seal-Tex consists in fusing a strip of thermoplastic material into the edge of the belt. In this way the modified edge protects the belt against dirt, fraying of the fabric, and bacterial penetration, while increasing the level of hygiene of the transported product.
Many standard belts coated with polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, polyester or polyolefin are available with a Seal-Tex finish. Also in antibacterial version.


  • eliminates belt fabric contamination
  • protects against bacterial penetration
  • protects fabric from fraying
  • easy to clean, which helps maintain appropriate hygiene standards, ensuring compliance with HACCP standards
  • high resistance to abrasion


We offer services of perforating conveyor belts. Any size and perforation configurations. Perforated conveyor belts are used in conveyors with the suction option.

roller coverings

Roller coverings are applied to increase friction between the roller (drum) and the conveyor belt.

Our line of products includes a wide selection of roller coverings of: 
·  natural rubber
·  synthetic rubber
·  silicon
·  PVC
·  PU
·  foams
·  Cork
·  Felt, flock, plush

Coverings are available in the following widths: 50, 70 and 100 mm.

Roller coverings can be antistatic, resistant to oils and fats and high temperatures. Most types come in both self-adhesive and non-adhesive versions.

Depending on customer requirements, we also offer a wide range of structures on coverings - some of them are shown in the pictures

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