Wood industry

We supply a wide range of products applied in wood industry. Our products find application, e.g. in raw wood processing, production of planks, boards, panels, furniture and in sawmills.

Conveyor belts

In our product range you will find conveyor belts (polyurethane, PVC, fabric and rubber) with antistatic properties (preventing electric charge accumulation), durable and abrasion resistant belts which meet the highest requirements. We sell belts with special textures on the carrying side, e.g. grass, braid, wafer or longitudinal stripes. These ensure that the belts fulfil their role in various production processes and applications (e.g. transport, grinding, cutting). Our selection of products also includes smooth belts made of, e.g. hardened PVC (ideal for paint shops) and modular belts which are perfect for furniture industry.

Driving belts

We also supply a wide selection of wear-resistant flat driving belts. Belt coatings are made of very durable materials - leathers, rubbers, textiles, and the belt structure is reinforced with strong polyamide skeleton. Abrasion-resistant carrying surfaces of belts guarantee uniform and stable power transmission.

In our product mix you will also find: belts for wide belt grinders, - endless woven belts,  - toothed belts, - V-belts

Gauze belts

As the exclusive representative of GKD in Poland, we deal in a wide range of gauze belts. Process gauzes and press gauzes used in wood industry are a highly specialised solution which guarantees absolute reliability even in very demanding applications. Gauzes for wood industry are designed so as to meet specific requirements - plywood production, in presses, as ventilation gauzes in the production of chipboard, OSB and MDF, as texture imprinting gauzes, as well as in pellet dryers. Optimal gauze types are selected against information about their prospective application. The key factor is the strength and performance of the gauze. CONDUCTO® and FLEXOPLAN ™ are the most popular gauzes in wood industry.

CONDUCTO® gauzes:

-  hybrid gauzes - manufactured from a combination of materials: plastics (polyester, PPS) and metal (bronze), -effectively dissipate accumulating electric charges and prevent discharges thanks to bronze fibres


- antistatic properties, compliant with ATEX standards, - long service life, even when in operation 24/7, - high flexibility, - operation at temperatures of up to 130°C possible, - available dimensions: length up to 150m, width up to 6.5m, - pattern/weave: plain/straight, twill, - wire diameter - weft and warp: 0,35-1mm, - mesh size: 300-2000μm, good air permeability, - joints: endless woven gauzes, fasteners and spiral interwoven fasteners, PAD fastener, - ripstop edges

FLEXOPLAN™ gauzes:

- metal meshes: made of carbon steel, stainless steel or a combination of these materials, - mainly used in single and multi-stage presses in the production of chipboard, MDF or OSB, as well as in the production of plywood sheets


- strength up to 200N/mm, - grids suitable for operation at temperatures of up to 250°C, - resistance to operation under pressure, - available dimensions: length up to 160m, width up to 4m, - guiding precision, even at longer lengths, - the structure of the mesh weave is relative to the application (e.g. coarse weave in the production of OSB, oblique for boards with a smooth surfaces)  joints: riveted, soldered or made of thin material.

We also supply other types of meshes - relative to the prospective application.

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